Why the last five minute prompts are pictures

As one of the first(at least in the group of first) and probably one of the most prolific writers for Ikémen Sengoku I noticed awhile back that certian headcanons and reactions that were beyond similar to ones I first put out there.

I have absolutely no issues if someone takes what I wrote and uses it as an inspiration to their own work, I find it flattering. I do have an issue with not crediting me as the inspiration and or using 90% of the original headcanon as your own only changing a few words. That my friend is stealing and much like the issues with art theft it is wrong. It was o e of the reasons I removed 90% of my work from tumblr as it was to easy to copy and paste. AO3 is not much better.

The fact is regarding my personal works is they are all copyrighted, even my crap stories and headcanons. I do have the right to persue legal action if I chose to. I wouldn’t unless it is completely and utterly my work with someones name on it. I hold all the rights to my works as well. The pictures make it slightly more difficult and you can’t just copy and paste them into a new document.

The first group of writers, all of which are super talented, were often given the same requests and prompts. We did overlap on some things and it made things difficult. That did prove to be a problem as we were given the same prompts and it was basically whom ever got it out first was the winner, if the overlap was there you were often called out for it without even realizing they were the same in anyway. This was also the reason I backed away from writing for the “game” and started writing more my own characters.

I work for hours bringing my work to life. So do the other fantastic writers and artists in any fandom, not just ours. Do not reproduce something that is essentially theirs and claim credit. Also credit the orginal writer if you use one of their works as inspiration, it also doesn’t hurt to ask the orginal writer as well. Even I did this when starting out, I even asked my own cousin if I could use their idea of demons from summoning circle as the inspiration for two of my fantasy stories( though mine do NOT compare to their works). Also be aware that it will be reblogged, we will see it, and we will be pissed.

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