Dont look at me right now!! – masamune

It was rare when Masamune was not flirting with everyone man, woman, or child but today he was not. Something had been off with him and he didn’t even know why. Though he had a feeling it had something to do with her and the way she looked at him.

He was lost in a fog when he walked under a ladder and a can of stain fell on him. The contents spilled all over him and he was stained a brilliant blue from the indigo dye. He rushed back to his palace to wash off but she was standing in his way, “Don’t look at me right now!”

“Why do you look like a smurf?” She aksed and then realized he had no idea what a smurf was.

“I said don’t look at me!”, he said as he moved through the doors.

“Okay sexy smurf.”, she said as she chuckled at her private joke.

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