Real time

Here’s the funny thing about being in a fandom like this. You have the few players who either think they are better or completely hypocritical in who they target as not being important.

Everyone is important. Period. You may not get along but the fact is no one persons opinion is more important than another’s.

This is something I have been dying to address and really reached my flash point today. You can’t honestly get mad if your posting pictures from the manga and someone else post the same picture. It’s not yours to begin with so get over it.

If you target one writer for “doing this thing that you think breaks the company’s rules” you better be going after every other writer and artist who offers commissions as well. Which by the way they don’t go against the rules btw.

(By the way I am not saying go after them but your annoyance has me pissed beyond belief)

Art thief is bad. Period. Don’t reproduce, upload, any of that without express and written permission from the artist.

Do not take a head canon from an already established writer and change a few words and call it your own. It’s not. At one time we had the same asks sent into multiple of the fan writers so some are similar and came out at the same time that does not give anyone the right to take our work and claim it as your own. It will get reblogged and we will see it.

Yes this is one of the reasons I will not post any of my writing on tumblr anymore.

I don’t even write for the game anymore. I have my modern au’s and thats really all.

Here’s the thing they were real people. They can be written about because of this fact and no company holds the tights to the name, the surviving family does to a point, so it isn’t a loophole. Its life.

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