I J and K for the fluff alphabet with Mitsuhide, thank you!


Warnings: none!

Gender neutral s/o!

Fluffy alphabet! I, J, and K!

I- intimacy

  • He is surprisingly intimate.
  • More so with his gestures.
  • Such as a head pat.
  • Head kisses.
  • Even running his fingers through your hair.
  • He isn’t too good at expressing his self with words.
  • But in all the gestures he uses, you know they speak for him.
  • Secretly enjoys and craves all of the attention you’ll give him.
  • He’ll never admitt that of course.
  • Probably avoiding the subject swiftly.
  • Loves to get alone time with you!
  • He isn’t into pda-
  • unless it’s used to fluster Hideyoshi.
  • Prefers to keep it between the two of you.

J- Jealousy

  • Doesn’t get jealous easily.
  • Is pretty let loose about it.
  • The one thing that secretly does bug him is that he thinks your so far out of his league.
  • He doesn’t know why someone as perfect as you in his eyes would go for him.
  • He thinks about it more than you know.
  • He doesn’t honestly care if someone is harmlessly flirting with you.
  • At least until they go as far as touching you.
  • The look he’ll give the person hotting on you would go from amusement, to absolutely horrific.
  • It’s a cold look, that if it alone doesn’t scare them away.
  • Then they better brace themselves.
  • Being the castle’s torturer has it’s perks.

K- Kiss

  • Kisses that will melt you as a whole.
  • He’s surprisingly good with his tounge.
  • His kisses will leave you flustered and gaspinh for air.
  • He loves to just randomly pull you to the side and kiss you senseless.
  • Even in the middle of the day, leaving you speechless through the day.
  • He just loves getting a rise out of you.
  • Your blush is the most beautiful thing in his eyes.
  • Basically-
  • A really good kisser.

Hope you enjoyed, have an amazing day/night! 🤓

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