A challenge!

Hey guys, I am conducting a contest for my next followers! [New ones welcome!]

To enter the challenge, make sure to reblogg this post and tell me you wanna play! Ill write the random winner who enters this a story a fanfic about you / your favorite or chosen warlord!

This is limited to fluff and angst!

They’ll also get a shout out, and I’ll follow their blog, [if I’m not already]!

An added bonus!

Since I’m so close to 50 followers,

My 50th will also get a shout out, and their own personalized story, [much like the winner, but shorter.] Don’t unfollow me, and then refollow me to win this part, I’ll be keeping track of it!

This challenge ends April 12th, 2019! And then I’ll announce the results!

Have a great day/night! May the odds be in your favor!

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