Character introduction

In a dangerous interaction I tackle some hard issues. This and
bringing the story together was difficult but in a way necessary. The first
question I received was how much of this was real life, and the truth of it was not really any of it. However, it was made worse to real-life events that occurred to my daughter
with her first relationship, no she was never abducted however the idea is always
there in the back of your mind as a parents.

The other challenge was bringing a whole host of real-life people to be within the story as side
characters. I know a lot of people, and
they have all brought numerous insights along with them. Denny was the perfect
example. I have known him since I was six years old. He is my best friends
younger brother. He was also the first real person with special needs I knew.
Denny has down syndrome. He was the first and most lasting person to shape my
views of people with severe special needs. I am so eternally grateful he was
placed in my life.

My life without Denny’s eternal happiness and love would be
lacking, and I would not be half the
person I am today without it. I know in the story I didn’t name his condition
and left it open. I meant to do this as to show that it doesn’t matter everyone
is lovable, no matter what the name is or label given.

When I use a real-life
person as a character, I always ask first,
with Denny it wasn’t hard to ask him. He found out through his mom and Stepdad that I am a writer. The last time we
saw each other I had just begun this journey into writing. When my first novel
was published, their mother was the first
to buy it, along with their stepfather
who bought five copies as well. (They are after all my other set of parents)
Denny took one, and though he couldn’t
really read it to well, his eyesight is failing, he carried the book everywhere
he went telling everyone in the small town they live in, his sissycat was a writer, and she was famous. (I am a writer but the famous part not so much,
but I never had the heart to try and
correct him on that. In his eyes if I am famous I’ll be famous). So I talked to
his parents, my other set and asked them first, then I was able to ask him. He
thought it was the best thing ever, sissycat
was going to write him into one of her
stories! He sends me messages even now for letting him be a character. The messages by themselves are
harmless but they let me know he was on the computer unattended and that he is
still up to no good, he will always be a handful.

Denny was and is always a shining light for me. His happiness
and love will always be a guiding light in the end. Thank you all for allowing me
to ramble on and also the ability to bring these characters to light. I know
that Denny loved his part albeit small in a book. We may see more of him in the
future as well.

**I hate almost all of the nicknames given to me as a child.
All of them except ‘Sissycat’ that is. Denny didn’t know I wasn’t his sister
until he was ten or so. So he called me that from the time he could talk and he can call me that forever as well.***

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