Phone Call [Mitsuhide Akechi]


Fandom: Ikemen Sengoku
Pairing: Mitsuhide Akechi x MC (Natsuki)
Word Count: 1842 words–how many text messages would you need to send that?
Warning: NSFW! As if that was a surprise?
A/N: (gasp) My very first IkeSen fic that I uploaded! Someone brought up this AU on a Discord server, and welp, my brain stuck to the snek man instead of an IkeRev suitor. So here’s some snek smut that no one asked for! Also, Natsuki isn’t my OC, it’s actually @xathia-89 ‘s OC. xD Look, I don’t have OCs yet so don’t hunt me down. Addendum, modern AU because of phones, and a slight dom!Mitsuhide??? And if Mitsuhide is too OOC for you here, you can shut your piehole. I tried okay!

Mitsuhide knew who was calling even before he looked at the screen.

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