up on the hilltop 17

Chapter Seventeen


The pair sat
over dinner with the knowledge they both had looming over them like a dark
storm cloud. Neither of them said much as they ate and were almost completely
drained by the time they made it to the hotel. It had been a few hours since
they had left gran and neither had spoke more than
the basic about since then. They were both waiting. They knew they would have
the phone call coming into her phone and his sooner rather than later. As soon
as he opened the hotel door, her phone
went off, and it was her father calling.
They both knew. Her shoulders sagged as she went to answer it.

“Sara?”, he
father began.

“Yes, dad?”, she asked.

“I have some
news.”, he said.

“I know.
Gran?”, she asked.

“How did you
know?”, her father sounded surprised through his own grief.

“I went to see
her today. She knew as well.”, Sara replied.

“You are in
town?”, her father asked.

“I was here to
see Gran with a friend.”, she replied.

“A friend?”,
her father asked. As soon as that was said Mitsuhide’s phone also went off. She
looked at him, and he had the same
reaction. She knew it was Gran’s biological son, her uncle. Mitsuhide picked up his phone and answered.

“Yeah, dad a friend.”, she replied.

“That sounds
like a man.”, her father stated.

“Dad I am twenty-six. It is possible for me to have a man
around.”, she said sarcastically.

“I know that,
Sara.”, her father stated. “What is his name?”

“You know him
already. Mitsuhide.”, she replied.

Mitsuhide?”, her father asked.

“That would be
him. It isn’t like that is a really popular name dad.”, she said.

“I didn’t know
you kept in touch with him.”, her father said.

“I didn’t
thanks to mom.”, she said, “But that isn’t for now. Mitsuhide and I got into
town yesterday, and we spent all day with
Gran today.”

“Why didn’t you
tell me?”, he asked.

“Really dad?”,
she asked.

“Sara.”, her
father retorted.

“Dad I just
wanted to see Gran. Not the whole family.”, she replied. “I was going to stop
by the house at some point. There are a few things I would like to get.”

“Well, you can come by tomorrow. We will be
having the wake here at four tomorrow.”, her father said.

“So soon?”, she

“We had
everything already planned Sara. She wanted it this way.”, her father said.

“Fine dad we
will see you tomorrow.”, Sara said as she hung up the phone. She looked over at
Mitsuhide who was still on the phone with her uncle. He was talking quietly as
he was being given the same information that she had been. She wanted to flop
on the bed and curl up under the covers and hide as she was likely to do years
before. She stood there and watched him as his eyes glazed over and he would
blink the build up away. He was in pain as well. They both had loved her. They
knew she had held on only to see them. The both of them. She had wanted to see
the both of them together. They had given her, her wish, and she could leave this plane of existence.

When Mitsuhide
hung up the phone, he didn’t have to
think. He didn’t have to move, but he
did. He walked over to her and wrapped her in his arms. As soon as he did she
let go of everything she had been holding in. She sobbed against him, and he let her. His way of thinking was if she
was crying she wouldn’t notice a few other tears as they fell.

Much later in
the night when they both had let go of everything they had. He helped her into
the shower, and they both let the water
roll over them and help ease the built-up
tension in their bodies. They didn’t need words. They knew the other better
than they knew themselves. It was instinct that kept them close. As they moved
to the bed, they both got into the bed
and curled up facing each other. Their eyes met, and she moved closer. Soon she found herself being pinned to him
and being lavished with his full attention.

The grief they
both had was poured into how they loved each other that night. The masks were
completely off and the raw feelings they both had were being eased only by the
others. It was different than the past
few days. They were complete now. The whole playing field had changed. He was
completely open as he poured himself into making sure she knew she was loved.
He felt the same with her. She was making sure he knew it as well. After they
had spent the last of their energy making sure the other was okay, they both
collapsed still intertwined limbs and hands as they both fell deep asleep still
joined as one.

The morning
light was blinding as they both woke up within minutes of each other. With one
look to each other, they started again.
The physical part of their union was only a means to an end for both of them.
The old woman, they both, had loved had made that clear the day before. She
knew all along this was how it was supposed to be. They were always supposed to
be together. It was just their luck that others had prevented it until right
now. They loved each other as only the other could. Everything in the world was
right as they both soared off the cliff of desire together.

Later in the morning, she said, “We have to go get some

“For?”, he

“Everything. It
seemed she planned this out to a tee, and
everything was already arranged.”, she
replied. “Everything is happening fast Mitsuhide.”

“Okay. You are
right. The doctor said something was going on at your house today and then the
services tomorrow. You are right neither of us are were prepared for this
happening.”, he said softly.

“I think I knew
it would happen like this.”, she said. “She seemed to be holding out for
something. It was you.”

“It wasn’t just
me, sweetheart.”, Mitsuhide said as he took her in his arms again. “It was us.”

“What?”, she
asked as she turned to look at him.

“Gran wanted to
see us. Us together, my love.”, he replied.

“You know what?
You are probably right.”, she said with a smile. “Let’s go so we can get some
stuff and then come back here to change.”

“You are taking
the idea of seeing your family better than I thought.”, he said.

“I am not
looking forward to that at all.”, she said with a face. “I am more interested
to get my pictures though. Maybe to see dad.”

“And the
rest?”, he asked.

“Oh, that will be a show, to say the least.”, she said with a laugh.

“A show?”, he

“You will
see.”, she said with a small smile. “It will be a cross of a bad comedy and

“I am almost
interested.”, he said.

“Almost?”, she
asked as they headed to the door.

“Your family
was always a source of amusement.”, he replied.

“Not sure if
their type of amusement is good for a funeral though.”, she said.

“As long as
they don’t start with you it will be rather amusing.”, he replied with a wave
of a hand. “It will be the service to remember.”

“That isn’t a
good thing.”, she said laughing.

“Maybe not but
it will have that effect.”, he said as they waited for the elevator from hell
to reach them.

“We should take
the stairs.”, she said.

“Do you really
want to walk down them?”, he asked.

“Not really but
I would like to get out of here today.”, she replied. They heard the elevator
reach their floor and the door opened. She was face to face with another sister
of hers.

“Do you all
live in the hotel?”, Sara asked. She turned and looked at Mitsuhide who was
already heading to the door to the stairs. She started to laugh. “Sorry Suz.
I’m taking the stairs.”

“Wait Sara?”,
her sister called out.

“Nope. Not
doing that again.”, Sara responded and started walking towards the door that Mitsuhide
had already gone in. “Trying to get away from them already?”

“I am not going
to be trapped in that thing with another one of your sisters.”, he said as he
looked up at her.

“Neither am I.,” she said with a laugh.

“What was that
greeting though?”, he asked as she walked behind him a few stairs and he moved
quickly down the stairwell.

“What?”, she

“Do you guys
live in the hotel?”, he asked with a chuckle.

“Well they all
have homes, and husbands, and kids for that matter. However, we have seen two of them here
with other men. It is a valid question.”, she replied.

“I am so glad
they couldn’t change you.”, he said.

“Me too.”, she
said. “It is exhausting just keeping up with one man. I have no idea how they
do it.”

“I exhaust
you?”, he asked with a smile.

Mitsuhide you know what I meant.”, she said.

“I do, my
love.”, he said.

“Good.”, she
replied as they hit the main floor. As he pushed the door open, she saw her sister in the lobby. She had
to giggle, and he stopped and looked at

“What?”, he

“I don’t think
my first comment was off the mark.”, she said.

“What?”, he
asked confused.

“That guy she
is with.”, Sara started.

Mitsuhide prompted.

“The one she is
all over right this second.”, Sara was laughing now.

“What is it, sweetheart?”, Mitsuhide said as he looked down
at the small laughing female next to him as he took her hand.

“That isn’t the
same guy she was in the elevator with.”, Sara said.

Mitsuhide said as he looked over at her sister who had no shame making out in
the hotel lobby. He tugged on her hand before she would say something else. He
didn’t want to know. He really didn’t want to know what her sisters were up
too. He was just grateful she was nothing like them.

“Bloody hell.”,
she said as they made it outside.

“What?”, he

“I have to
wonder if this place is like the one on center street.”, she said.

“Huh?”, he

sister.”, she said as she nodded her head in the direction of a couple headed
into the hotel.

“Guessing she
is also married?”, he asked.

“And that isn’t
her husband? You would be correct.”, she said.

“Do you
think?”, he asked.

“What that my
sisters are now the town sluts?”, she asked.

“Well, I wasn’t going to phrase it like that.”,
he said as he opened the door for her in his car.

“I will.”, she
said. He walked around the car and got in when she continued, “Yes. I do.”

“Well. That is
a change sort of.”, he said, “I remember the holier than thou crap they used to
pull with everyone else.”

“They still
do.”, she replied. She was laughing now, rather hard. “My sisters are the town

“What is the
world coming too?”, he asked.

“Well, it fits their personalities. I hope it
comes with benefits at least. Do you think they have a medical plan?”, she

“I think that
for them it has benefits but not the type you are thinking of.”, he replied
rather dryly.

“I hope their husbands have a good medical plan.”, she said.

“Why is that?”,
he asked.

“Well, this town was known for something other
than tobacco and only in a few fields. Mine really.”, she said.

“This place is
known for something?”, he asked.

“Oh yes.”, she

“And in your
field?”, he asked.

“Yes.”, she
replied, “It got to the point when someone would ask where I was from I would

“What was the
thing it was famous for in your field?”, Mitsuhide asked.

“A rather
distinct strain of a sexually transmitted disease.”, she replied.

“What?”, he

“It was drug resistant and well easy to trace. This town was
good for one thing people are predictable. Cows and hookers can lead to a
problem in the long run.”, she said.

“You’re serious?”, he asked.

“A hundred
percent.”, she replied. “Like half the people our age have been exposed to it.
Maybe a quarter have it.”

“You knew this
all along did you?”, he asked.

“All along?”,
she asked.

“Back then you
warned me.”, he said.

“I warned you
because I wanted you to myself.”, she said laughing. “It doesn’t surprise me
though. I probably did know back then as well.”

“Well hot damn,
sweetheart. I am glad that I wasn’t into those other girls even more now.”, he
said with a smile.

“As the only
gay member of society here I was immune.”, she said.

“But you
weren’t gay.’, he said.

“No, I wasn’t. But they didn’t care about that.
So I watched one go to another and another, then the same on the flip side. To
be honest, it would be a nightmare to
track. I would love though to make them all squirm a little.”, she said.

“Let’s drop
this, my love, and go get some clothes
for tonight and tomorrow.”, he said with a smile.

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