… Wish it was a dream…


Alright here goes. I am in no way used to asking for help and tend to struggle alone whilst continuing to hit my head off a wall until someone steps in to stop me. 

  • last year i found myself in a situation where both adults in this household were out of work. thankfully one of us managed to find work but the job was a zero hours contract. Basically, you don’t turn up you don’t get paid. The location for it is 40 miles from our home.
  • The health conditions in this household mean we also have to get to adn from hospitals at strange hours so we always had a car on the road. Now that donkey of a vechile is lighting up like the dash of the starship enterprise and that is certainly in no way good. 
  • Bottom line without a way to get to work. there is no money and bills, rent, food, heating and lighting will not be able to be paid. so this is where you find me… staring into the abyss hoping i don’t have to go too far into it. 

Aerion’s Ko-fi

If you can help I would be forever grateful if not I would also be just as happy with a boost on this post. 

Thank you very much for even taking the time just to read this guys. – Aerion x

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