Home Again


Home Again

was sure everything was planned out for weeks now. Every detail was threaded
together as she checked them off her mental list. It was only two weeks till he
came home. Two more weeks for her to make sure everything was absolutely
perfect. She missed him more than anything else.

had been a surprise deployment. No one saw it coming, and they had little time
to prepare, but he knew that she would be there when he got home. Ten months in
the ‘sandbox’ had never mattered before he could have done twice or three times
as long without batting an eye. Now he had a reason to go home. He had a home.
He had her. He had been counting the days until he could see her again and
having her within arms reach. He knew she would be there waiting for him.

rush of the two weeks they were given to get ready had been stressing to both.
He had to work later, and she began worrying about his deployment though she tried
not to show it. They had been together for a little over a year now and knew
where their joint lives were headed. When he came home early one day, she could see the wheels of his brain
working overtime but not about work. His laser focus was directed towards her.
She loved his eyes as though he could try and hide his feelings about nearly
everything his eyes gave it away.

I would like to ask you something.”

ask away.”, she replied as they sat in their shared house.

you….”, he started, but the words
seemed to get caught.

I, what?”, she asked.

me, Princess.”, he said as he dropped to
one knee in front of her. He pulled out a box and opened it. Her hands went to
her mouth, and in her minds, she was screaming yes yes yes. However, her mouth wasn’t saying anything. She
couldn’t break the contact of his eyes as he stared at her and could probably
see the depths of her soul. The long pause was eating him slowly. The longer
she didn’t say something the more doubt clouded his mind. “My dear this is the
part where you say something.”

my god.”, she said as she began to giggle. “Your answer my love is supposed to
be yes or no.”, he replied.

didn’t say it?”, she asked.

haven’t said anything yet.”, he said.

“Oh I
was saying it in my head I guess.”, she said again giggling.

people often talk of my mind reading abilities, my dear, I do wish you would
say the words.”, he said dryly.

course I will marry you.”, she said with a smile.

is a good answer.”, he said as she nearly tackled him when he stood. “Now the
question begs when?”

do you mean?”, she asked.

or after?”, he said.

what do you mean?”, she asked.

the deployment or after.”, he replied.

assumed after. It takes time to plan a wedding, and
you leave in six days.”, she replied.

marry me now and have a wedding however
you want it when I get back.”, he said.

isn’t how it is supposed to work, you know?”, she laughed at him.

he asked. She couldn’t refuse him. They both knew the things that could go
wrong though they never spoke of it. This was what he wanted. She wouldn’t make
him suffer.

she said. They got everything they needed and got in the car. A two-hour drive north led then to a small town
in a different state where they filled out the paperwork and paid the fee. A
half an hour later they were man and wife.

thought of the memory so many months ago as he twisted the ring on his left
finger absentmindedly. He couldn’t wait to go home, to her. He began his
packing of his rucksack and patiently counted the hours until he could see her
again. Only thirty-six more.

dragged for her that she couldn’t focus on anything. It was painful in a way
you can’t describe in words. It was so close. He would be back. Would he regret
their hasty marriage? Would he agree that
at this point they didn’t need to have another ceremony?
She had long since thought that as she settled into her new name, and her new
status as his wife. She didn’t need anything more than what she had. She would
be leaving soon to go to the airfield. It was two hours until the plane touched

excitement was building. She felt like her heart going to pound right out of
her chest.

drive seemed to take forever. The entire base also seemed to be in her way as she drove to the area that they would be
shuttled from. The lot had been decorated. The children of the unit had done
all this in advance. She smiled at the effort and the joy in their eyes as they
waited for their fathers or mothers to return home. Everyone was feeding off of
their excitement.

shuttle van was working overtime, and when
she was finally on it, she knew it was
almost time for the plane to come in. She walked around and talked to everyone.
She waited and waited for what seemed to be forever when the plane touched down
there were cheers from everyone waiting on the runway as the plane come to a
haul after the taxiing towards them. One by one they watched their loved ones
deboard the plane and stand at attention in perfect rows. She could see him
standing in the uniform she loved seeing him in, waiting to be released from duty.
His eyes glowing in that way they did when she knew he spotted her. Everything
and everyone else disappeared from her vision and his as well.

All too long they waited, as children became
restless, people talking around her but none of that mattered she could see
him. Tunnel vision took over. She was there, he was there, and life was exactly
what she wanted.

watched her on the sidelines. He could see her smile and his world shook. He
was almost home. He could breathe again. His eyes never left her body. He was
waiting so he could hold her.

company commander finally released the company. He rushed forward to take her
in his arms. She hopped forward into his arms and held on as she gripped onto
him. “I missed you so much.”, she said into his ear.

more than I did, my love.”, he said. “I love you.”

love you.”, she replied.

go home.”, he said as he went to get his rucksack.

she said. “I like the sound of that.

too my sweet wife, me too.”, he replied.

let’s go home.”, she smiled.

you are my home.”, he said with a smile of raw emotion and desire. That stole
her heart. She knew he was also her home. They were home again.

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