IkeSen Art Giveaway – Be the MC!



Hi, all! 

Due to an occasion of finally getting 100 followers I have decided to have an Art Giveaway! There will be 2 winners – 1st person will receive an illustration of either them as an MC or the standard MC with their favourite warlord and the 2nd person will receive an illustration of their favourite warlord. (The art style will be similar to the one of the ‘Seductive Warlords’ series I have been doing.)

Winner will get an option to pick the SPICINESS of the illustration :>


Mild is your typical lovey-dovey illustration. Hugging, kissing, mild nudity etc.


Raunchy image… teasing, heavy petting, more nudity.


Smut. 18+. Bring holy water.

To take part in the Giveaway you must:

– Follow my blog! (New followers welcome!)

– Re-blog this post with your preferred spiciness level ;3 (only re-blogs count)

The submission will close on the 10th of March 2019 at 12AM (GMT). I will then announce the winners, message them and wait 48hrs for the response. If there is no response another person will be chosen in their place.

Good luck to you all!

Extra hot

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