What do you mean your ask box is empty??? We need to change that urgently… Humm…. What about how would they all react to a writer Mc? Someone like us who likes to write stories for fun and as her way to cope with the stressful changes her life is going through. They catch her writing/or her stories lying about. If you want the extra challenge imagine that one of the stories they find is nsfw 😂


Ha, i loved this!


  • He’s shocked at first
  • “They write stories?”
  • He’s immediatly curious on what you write, asking you if he can read them
  • Is proud of the fact that you write, telling everyone about it.
  • He likes watching your your concentrated face as you think of a plot


  • He finds it wrote down on a piece of paper that happened to be laying on your desk
  • A huge smirk plays on his lips
  • He’ll walk up to you, holding the paper in his hands
  • You almost immediatly knows whats up.
  • If he finds this, your in for one hell of a ride


  • He loves the fact that your a writer!
  • He thinks it’s truely interesting, and will try and help you with it
  • He’ll compliment every page you write
  • He’ll keep it discreet if you want, but would proudly tell people about it, sith your consent of course.
  • Will discuss story ideas with you, excited to see what you come up with!


  • He finds it while he was cleaning your shared room.
  • His face turns the shade of a tomatoe.
  • He’ll gently lay it down were he found it
  • He’s far too embarrassed to ask you about it


  • He loves it!
  • He loves your modern writing style amd will most likely ask you to write him something
  • He tried once, but it didn’t go too well…
  • He finds it very attractive, and praises you for it
  • Will gladly read EVERYTHING you make
  • Will anticipate the moment you make the next chapter


  • He was wondering why you weren’t letting him read something you wrote
  • So when you werent looking, he took the paper.
  • It wasnt like he was stealing it! He planned on giving it back
  • As he sat alone, his eyes nearly popped out of his head, a big smile on his face.
  • He reads it at least five times, and when he sees you again, he’ll quietly whisper in your ear, asking if the stuff in it was something she wants brought into the bedroom.


  • Is intrigued, and after time, he starts wondering what it is
  • It takes a lot of courage to ask to read some of it
  • A blush on his cheeks
  • And soon, he reads almost all of her books
  • He thinks that you writing is amazing
  • But he’ll never admitt that.


  • He doesn’t know how he found it
  • But his face flushes red as soon as he reads it
  • He stops reading it by the mid
  • He didnt know she wrote stuff like that…
  • He can’t meet her eyes as they walk in


  • An angeletic smile immediatly takes his senses
  • “mc-sama writes?!”
  • He’ll immediatly want to start reading her stories
  • Will most likely be stuck in it for a while, you having to stop him
  • But like you really want to
  • He loves it, encouraging you to keep writing


  • “Oh, what is this? Another one of MC-samas books?”
  • This innocent soul is ni longer innocent
  • What hath you done to him
  • He will stare at it for a good five minutes, spaceing out
  • He is honestly just confused
  • He will question you about it next time he sees you


  • He is actually kinda interested
  • Hes thinks it’s truely interesting that you write stories
  • He’ll most likely read it, teasing you sweetly
  • He really can’t think of a reason to not like it
  • He is proud about it, but he keeps that a secret
  • Internally, he looks forward to when you make another part of your story.


  • Oh dear god.
  • He found it in one of your drawers.
  • Almost immediatly, he knows exactly what it js.
  • He will tease you so bad.
  • Quoteing some of the things in the smutty story.
  • He will even try and do some of the stuff you write about if you know what i mean 😏
  • But he’ll tease you of course, it’s Mitsuhide.


  • Complete shock.
  • He doesn’t know how he feels about this.
  • Actually, he does.
  • He loves it!
  • This man will always be there to read your works
  • He will be honest with you too, telling you if you messed up somewhere
  • But only if you ask for that.


  • His eyes widen.
  • “What is this?!”
  • A blush forms on his face as he reads it for the second time.
  • He didn’t know they liked this stuff….
  • He immediatly wants awnsers
  • Will hold the paper to you and ask directly


  • Finds it sexy
  • He thinks its amazing that you write!
  • He will watch you do it, thinking your creativity is amazing!
  • He will tell everyone on how his beautiful goddess is so talented
  • Prepare yourself for fhe praise


  • Oh god..
  • He was going to grab something, but it fell onto the floor
  • A HUGE smile plays on his lips as he reads it
  • “Who knew my beautiful goddess wrote such”
  • Endless teasing.
  • Would like to read more


  • What does she do?
  • Is confused
  • But likes it
  • Hell read all of your stuff
  • Is too shy to say anything about it though
  • Thoroughly enjoys all of it
  • Will help if your at a block


  • He likes it the most!
  • One of the things youve brought from the future!
  • Will gladly ask to help you with them
  • Compliments you on on all the time!
  • May have read it all more than once
  • He’s even memorized some of the quotes in it


  • Just stares at it.
  • Kinda shocked, but keeps a placid expression
  • He didn’t know you wrote smut
  • Will read some more of your works before confronting you
  • He enjoys them too…


  • “What does she do?” Part 2
  • He likes the idea
  • He does read it, but doesn’t openly discuss it
  • He doesn’t have the heart to give a bad opinion
  • Like anyone would since its amaxing uwu


  • Doesn’t know what it is at first.
  • He rereads it and immediatly throws it out of his hands
  • “Oh hell nah.”
  • He’s thinking about having some sort of cleansing done on you
  • Dear lord save his soul

Hope you enjoy! Have a great day/night!

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