MC heavily pregnant needs help

said to forallyourikemensengokuneeds:

So this might seem
silly, but MC is heavily pregnant and trying to reach for something on a shelf.
The belly is in the way, so she tries to
reach for the item from the side but only pushes item back further away.
Frustrated MC grabs a chair because ‘I could reach this shelf before!’ Cue the
warlords coming in at that specific moment, what are their reactions? (My
husband was not happy with me that day. *laughs nervously*)

Funny story anon, I was absolutely huge with my second daughter and all I wanted was snowcones. I tried like hell to waddle my happy butt down the hill everyday to buy nine from the ice cream truck, my husband who is very laid back tried to stop me and to this day if he sees a snowcone he shivers because of the screaming he got that day.



“What are you doing!”, he exclaims as he sweeps her off the
chair and moves it away from the cabinets.
“I was trying to get that!”, she pointed to the jar she wanted as he easily got
it down for her. “A whole castle full of people and you climb a chair?”, he

“Well, I could get it
a few days ago!” I am so big now I can’t do
anything!”, she cried out.

“That is our child you are carrying,
soon it will be done, and you will be more normal.”, he said softly.

“Fine. I will ask next time.”, she said softly.

“Good because nothing should happen to you if you keep your
feet on the floor. If you fell, it could
hurt the both of you, and then I would be mad.”, he stated as he walked her
back to their room where he would rub her swollen feet for her.


Cue panic. He would have to be quiet but still, make enough noise, so she didn’t jump and fall off the chair. As she
turned her to see him and the look he had. “Of all the times to walk in you
have to pick now!”, she said.

“Princess please get off the chair.”, His voice was
strained as he was trying not to lose his cool. The last time he
suggested something she nearly ripped his head off, literary.

“I could get it a few days ago. I am so big now I can’t get it.”, she stated.

“I will get it for you.”

“I don’t need your help.”

“Princess please let me help you.”, he said.

“Fine help.”, she said as she looked defeated.

“Not much longer now. Just let me help until then.”, he

“Fine since this is your fault.”, she said as she motioned to her large size laughing.


“what are you doing, idiot!”,
he stated as he huffed the way over to her to take her hand and gently pulled
her off the chair taking care to have her reach the ground safely.

“I was trying to get that. I
could last week.”, she said.

“Well, now that is off limits
to you too!”, he said pointing to the chair.”That is for you to sit on, not to

“I just wanted the jar!”, she
said defensively.

“Tough now you have to ask
for help.”, he said firmly.

“I am a grown-up, don’t speak
to me as if I am a child.”, she said.

“If you were a child we
wouldn’t be expecting our first child, now would we?”, he countered. “Let me
help you while I can. You have to do so much already; I can get the jar.”

“Fine.”, she mumbled hastily.


“Lass? What are you doing up
there?”, he asked softly.

“Trying to get something!”,
she responded.

“I can get it.”, he stated, “When
your back on the ground.”

“I just want to get it,
Masamune. I could last week when I wanted some.”, she replied.

“Please get down Lass. Let me
get it.”, he tried again.

“Fine.”, She said., “I am a
whale. Can’t do anything.”

“What’s a whale?”, he asked. “No
never mind. You are growing our child; I can get the high jars for now.”

“doesn’t seem fair.”, she
said to herself.

“It isn’t. So let me help
when I can, okay?”


“Princess what are you doing!”,
he exclaimed as he walked in the room as he hurried over to brace her up.

“I was trying to get that
jar. I could reach it last week but I can’t now.”

“This jar?”, he reached up
and brought it down.

“I wanted to get it.”, she
said as she looked at him and he knew he was in for it.

“I know you did, but I need
to help you. Not much longer and you will be your old self who never needs to
much help. Let me help you now.”, he started hoping she wouldn’t kill him for
getting the jar or start crying as she was also prone to do.

“Fine.”, she said, and he
also knew that was her tired fine.

“Let’s go back to our room, and
I will rub your shoulders and back. Does that sound good.”, he asked as he
learned she enjoyed that.

“Yes, it does.”, She said as
she started to waddle out of the room at her slow pace. He just smiled and
followed to do her bidding.


“Do tell me what you Think
you are doing on that chair, my love.”, he stated as he slithered into the room
after one of his pages alerted him that the princess yet again had found
herself doing something he said not to do.

“Mitsu! I am trying to get
the jar up here. What does it look like I am doing?”, she asked.

“It looks like you are doing
something I asked you not to do last week when you almost fell off another
chair.”, he said as he took hold of her arm and was wrapping his other around her
widening frame and lifted her and placed her on the floor.

“But I wanted that!”, she

“And you shall have it.”, he
said as he reached to get it for her and place it in her hands.

“I can do things for myself,
ya know.”, she said huffily.

“I do know that my love,
however until you are free of the burden of our child, I will be your personal
slave and fetch whatever you need. Just no more standing on chairs please, or
climbing ladders, or running around.”, he said.

“Personal slave, huh?”, she repeated.

“Yes now let’s go to our
palace, and I will show you.”, he said as he nuzzled her neck as he wrapped
himself around her.

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