The god of war was not
someone she could just approach. She knew she could but the fact was she didn’t
like having a sword at her throat first thing in the morning and she knew she
would have to talk to him at some point during the day. She wanted to get it
over with but was slightly afraid at what his reaction would be to her request.
He normally ignored her when she was present in the room saying that she was
Shingen’s problem since he was the one who brought her to the castle without
asking. They had found her in the castle’s town of Azchui after meeting with
her the night she had arrived in the past, she was taken back to the castle
where her first instinct after a horrible introduction with Nobunaga’s
warlords, was to runaway. She had no where to go except with Sasuke and his
friends back to yet another castle and wait to the next wormhole to open so she
could return home. Now she had to ask him something and she really didn’t know
she was going to get the courage do ask. She had noticed that in the castle’s
town they had a tailor who would take in commissions however there was no where
really to tend the smaller issues one may have with clothing. She wanted to
open a spot that could do that and also some larger things as well but to focus
on that for a bit would be her goal. It could be a good starting place for her
in the clothing business and could help some of the unemployed women in the
area be able to support themselves. In her mind it was a win win situation
however she had to ask for Kenshin’s support and she wasn’t sure if she could
be that brave.

The first thing that she knew she had to do was find him in a
good mood which would be difficult on the best of days since Kenshin was always
ready to be in a battle. He was also the type of person one never actually just
walked up to voluntarily for your life was probably going to be forfeited if
you made him mad. She decided to watch from a distance to see if she could spot
the right moment to go up to him to ask. Both Sasuke and Shingen had already
told her just to get it over with and ask because the worst that he could do would
be say no, however she thought had the worst that he could do would try to take
off her head with his sword. He had said all of three words to her in the three
weeks that she had been living in the castle. So she watched and waited for the
perfect opportunity.

         She had spotted
him out in the courtyard as he was just looking over the lake by himself and
what seemed to be a serene area. He seemed to be surveying the area and not
relaxing as most people would do in the same area. She wondered to herself if
he was thinking of making changes to the common courtyard area of the castle
and for the first time she started thinking of the castle as her home. She
hoped that he wouldn’t change the area too much for it was one of her favorite
places to go and find peace and solitude. The next area that she happened to
run into him almost was as he came out of the audience hall and she had been
passing by he stopped and she could feel him watching her on her back. She
wondered at what he was actually thinking and immediately started thinking that
the fact that he never spoke to her was probably a sign that he truly didn’t
like her. As she thought that she started to have a feeling of regret and loss
that she didn’t even realize could possibly be there as she thought she had no
real feelings for Kenshin but the idea that he didn’t like her was upsetting.
She couldn’t move fast enough away from the area what she didn’t see was that
Kenshin had put up his arm as if to stop her but hadn’t said any actual words.

         He had felt her
presence while he was in the courtyard as she was probably just taking a walk.
He didn’t know why his heart started racing every time she was possibly near or
the fact that she never spoke to him. That bothered him more than anything else
and he often wondered why Sasuke kept reminding him to be nice to her. He
thought that he was nice to her as she refused to speak to him and over the
past few days it seemed that she had wanted to say something but refused and
now he was at a loss for words himself. He wanted to ask her if there was
anything that she needed during her stay at his castle but he didn’t know how
to find a time that she was either alone or that she wouldn’t run away from
him. As he walked out of the audience hall he thought he had found his perfect
chance and just as he was about to speak to her she hurried up and turned down
the hallway. Again he felt alone and almost powerless which for him was
something he was unfamiliar with. He didn’t like the feelings that she brought
on but he was willing to try to figure them out if she would only stop running

Instead of going to dinner with everyone else in the great Hall
she opted to take a tray in her room for she was sure she didn’t want to be
near him right now. She was still upset and lost in her own mind at the idea
that he just couldn’t like her. She didn’t know if she would ever be able to
ask and she knew no other woman would ask for her. She had to figure out a way
but it wouldn’t be today and it might not even be tomorrow. She knew her idea
would be good for everyone involved and it would help his people more than
anything but she couldn’t bring herself to get over her own issues that she
didn’t even realize that she had had. She knew that she would be a coward and
hide in her own room just so she didn’t have to face the Lord of the castle.
She wondered why she came to live here at least the other warlords were more
open and she could’ve possibly dealt with them on some level. She didn’t know
she would ever be able to deal with Kenshin on any level, and naturally scared

He sat on his map during dinner while vassal after vassal poured
a cup of sake for him. He wondered why she wasn’t there and was about ready to
ask but instead the talk turned to possibly the upcoming battle with the Oda
forces. After spending hours discussing it with various people he was done
talking. He was still curious as to where she had been hiding or who she had
been hiding with. It was the second thought that he had that bothered him more
than the fact that she had been hiding and though the alcohol did not affect
him mentally he knew that he had drank more than enough to actually confront
her for the first time. He wasn’t exactly looking forward to the idea that
someone, some male, might be in her room with her for she was a extremely
attractive girl and he knew that quite a few of his vassals had been interested
in her at one time when she first arrived. As he walked through the empty
hallways towards her room he noticed that a lamp was burning still in the room
that was his final destination. He knocked and waited before sliding open the
door to see if she would actually respond or could actually respond. When he
heard the words come in, and her light feathery tone he let out a sigh of

She watched as the door slowly slid open and was extremely
shocked that the man that she had been hiding from since the afternoon was on
the other side. “Kenshin? Why are you here?”, She asked and her voice betrayed
her question as it slightly changed its tone and pitch.

“Princess I came looking for you since you are not there at
dinner. Your presence is supposed to be there. I also came to ask you a
question.”, Kenshin said in his normal tone which could be described as icy.

“I don’t understand why my presence would ever be necessary for
dinner at the great Hall. I’m a nobody. The only reason why your housing me as
a favor for Sasuke, I know that and I know my place.”, She said keeping her
head down and her voice low so it wouldn’t betray her again.

“That is simply not true. Everyone notices when you’re not
around. Also that is not the reason why I agreed to house you. Anyone who
doesn’t like the Oda forces enough to run away from them in the middle of the
night in a world that could easily devour you has a slight respect from me.”,
He said as he moved a little closer to her across the room.

“You respect me?”, She asked very surprised.

“You’ve done nothing but help my people since the moment you
have arrived. How could I not respect that? You’re not as weak as most females
and the fact that your friends with my ninja just adds layers to your
personality. The fact that you don’t like me means very little.”, He stated
with the last part very silently.

“What do you mean I don’t like you? You don’t like me.”, She said
as she was completely startled by that revelation.

“Then why do you run from me? You won’t approach me to talk when
you have no problems approaching any other male. Just like today twice you were
nearby and yet you never said a word am I that unapproachable to you?”, He

“Kenshin, you’re not exactly the most approachable person unless
you want a sword to your throat. Which I don’t normally want. I was looking for
a good time to approach you I have an idea. But for that idea I need your
support. I was just looking for the best time where you weren’t possibly going
to kill me.”, She said as she started laughing.

“How about we work out a compromise. If you don’t have to be
afraid that I will pull my sword on you if you just talk to me instead of
hiding. I would like to hear what you have to say and I know everyone else will
blame me if you choose to stay in your room. And whatever project you need my
support for you have it.”, He said as he moved another foot closer to her as
she stood up.

“What you mean I just have your support? You haven’t even heard
what I wanted to do.”, She asked. She was on her feet and was only about a foot
away from him as he reached out and just touched her face. She always figured
that his hands would be cold but they were extremely warm. She looked into his
multicolored eyes and was mesmerized for a few seconds before he spoke.

“I know that you have the best interest of my people at heart,
whatever you wish to do you have my support. If you want to discuss this more
tomorrow you can meet me in the courtyard by the lake. I believe that I have
taken too much of your time already tonight.”, He said as he pulled his hand
away and for the first time she felt as if she might have actually connected
with the man. She knew at that moment she would be waiting for him in the
courtyard the next day probably with a smile on her face that she didn’t often
show people. If he was willing to make the effort not to be the scary God of
war than she could make the effort to be the friendly Princess.

The next day was one of those rare spring days where the sun was
shining but there was still a chill to the air. That didn’t stop the castle
from almost coming to a complete standstill as they saw the Lord of it walking
around the edge of the lake and the common courtyard with the Princess. Shingen,
Yukimura, and Sasuke all stood on the balcony of one room overlooking the
courtyard with their mouths hanging open. They couldn’t believe the site that
was in front of them as the pair had been avoiding each other since her first
day in the castle. She must have been able to feel their eyes on her back as
she turned and looked up and smiled and waved at the three people peering out
her. They knew that she must be the one doing most of the talking as Kenshin
rarely talked unless it was about war, but also the hand motions relayed the
fact that she was very adamant about whatever she was talking about. Every once
in a while you’d see the Kenshin nod his head yes and even as the pair rounded
the lake and the three men who were standing on the balcony could see Kenshin
had an extremely rare smile on his face as he peered down at the Princess.
Shingen chuckled at the site and told the two younger men the come inside as he
sat there for a few more seconds looking down thinking to himself, “some people
have all the luck.”

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