Sneak Peek MC picks Kenshin over Ieyasu

Kenshin sat in his tent as he thought of the woman who was
with his enemies now safe and off the battlefield. He could not believe his
eyes as he saw her on the back of Ieyasu’s horse and wanted to end the war the
second he saw her. He wondered at the fact that the young war lord would even bring a woman, any woman
for that matter, to the battle but that woman, in particular, was unthinkable to him. She was soft and sweet to
everyone she met even to him when he was less than friendly to her everytime
they were foisted into each other’s presence for events for Yukimura and
Sasuke, sometimes even Shingen would try to get her to come to dinner when they
were all in Azuchi. He hated the thought for those times as she was and would remain
their enemy or with their enemy’s forces. She was so full of life that he found
her to be too blinding and she also brought up memories he fought hard to have
buried. She brought them all out, and he couldn’t stand them, he wanted to
forget. He wanted to hate her or better yet be indifferent to her, but she was too
beautiful, to kind, and worse yet to open even to him, the man who tried to
slice her down at every chance.

sat in the tent listening to Masamune and Ieyasu planning their attack for the
next day. She hated every second of it. She personally
knew people on both sides and in a way it was tearing her in two just by
beginning there at the battle. Seeing Kenshin and Yuki on the field squaring
off with the Oda troops was heartbreaking and a sight she never wanted to see
again. To know that her fellow time traveler
Sasuke was also on the field somewhere was enough to keep her paralyzed with
fear for his safety regardless of his abilities as a ninja.

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