Masterlist [DnR/UR]

Do Not Request:

Children’s Deaths: Main characters are perfectly fine to kill off, however, I will not touch children dying any longer.
Please do not send requests anything that involve shipping the Warlords together.
Do not send requests for OT3′s.
Currently I am only taking requests for the Oda Forces (Original Characters) and the T/U Forces (Original Characters). I will not be adding any of the newer characters at this point due to not knowing their personalities.
I will only stay true to the original characters. Please do not ask to insert other behaviors that they do not have – This would be creating a completely new character.

Upcoming Requests:

Please do not request anything listed below as they are upcoming!

– Cheerleader MC
– What -dere types the Warlords are
– MC with Tattoos
– Warlord Surprise Party for MC
– MC: Fan of Poetry [Warlords React]
– Reaction: MC Confessing a Fantasy [NSFW]
– Snowball Fight
– MC with Bikini
– Masamune Story
– Yukimura Story

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